About Us

“Support Your Own” is a charity designed to inspire individuals to support their communities one community at a time. It is intended to help areas to get to know their neighbors on a new level and provide support to rebuild their communities. It is giving respect to the old adage of “putting your face mask on before helping others”. It is an effort to rouse others to rebuild the sense of community that we once knew.  It is an effort to rebuild our nation and other nations one community at a time.


Removed bureaucracy cannot understand the needs of those 100s or 1000s of miles away, but somebody living right in the heartland of the area that needs support can. “Support Your Own” was formed with the intention to give support to those who would like to change their community, but need direction or connections to do so. If you have the dream and dedication we want to hear from you.  It is founded on the premise that we are all have gifts and there is always something we can do.


So let’s get down to the specifics. What does “Support Your Own” intend to do? It wishes to give international support to a cause that allows leaders within communities to contact us to spearhead the changes that their communities need to make. We know that individual needs vary by community. We want to help you to build a plan to do what the community needs to get back on their feet. Start by helping one family at a time, a “Mom and Pop businesses” in the area, motivating others to partner with other charity events/causes, or giving support to a local animal shelter.  Find that which you are passionate about and use your gifts to make the positive changes you want to see.


What is unique about this charity? We have removed the need for endless levels of paid positions by relying heavily on the support of volunteers, to do what you know how to do. Volunteer whatever time you have for whatever positive change you want to make and watch the world become a better place. Being a part of the organization allows you support and backing of an international organization with funds going directly where they are intended to go…to those in need! Our dream is to have a “Support Your Own” in each community inspiring others to make the changes we desire with our own efforts.