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Group Past Life Regression:  “A Journey into Another Life”: Friday, April 4, 2014


TV Personality Cindy Nolte Of Fresh Look on Life


Proceeds to Benefit Donna Scheibner, who was diagnosed with PVOD, and in need of a double lung transplant.

~ Thank you to all who attended this event!  I hope all who attended had as much fun as I did! 


Location:  Sussex County Community College,

1 College Hill Rd, Newton, NJ

Time:  7:30 to 9:00pm  (Doors open at 7:00pm)

Have you had déjà vu, but known that you could not have had the experience in this life before?  Do you naturally gravitate toward different areas of the country, unique interests or have an uncanny ability that was uncovered later in life?  Are you currently facing an obstacle that makes you feels like you are a gerbil running on a wheel but not getting anywhere?


Past life regression is a tool that can assist you in uncovering the knowledge that you have within.   Get new answers to old questions, explore where talents may have originated or just have some fun.  Take a journey into another lifetime through past life regression to gain insight into obstacles that you are currently facing.


Evening will include:

  • Opening remarks and brief medium readings of random guests in the audience.  (Sorry we cannot guarantee everyone will get a reading.)
  • Lecture of what a past life regression is.
  • Go on a journey to another lifetime to obtain lessons that can be applied to obstacles they are currently facing if it is appropriate.

Come out for a great evening of learning, fun, and help out a great cause!


Admission:  $40  (All proceeds go to support Donna Scheibner and your ticket is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!)

Your host for the evening is Cindy Nolte of www.freshlookonlife.com


Tickets are for sale NOW at select locations:


1) Fresh Look on Life-Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 2:00pm to 6:00pm.  If you are unable to get there during those hours, please contact me directly to make other arrangements.

2) R & T Nautilus, Newton, NJ

3) Tri State Computer Centre, Matamoras, PA

You asked and we heard you!  Some of you are just too busy to pop in and buy tickets!  For your convenience, you may purchase tickets online.  Your purchase will be made and tickets will be reserved and held for you at the door.  Sorry there is a small convenience charge added to cover our charge for running credit cards of $2.

Click the Buy Now Button to Reserve Your tickets Now!  -$42

*Sorry no credit cards can be accepted at the event-Cash or Check only.

**Those suffering from schizophrenia or unable to have a touch on reality should not consider Past Life Regression.



Dirty Girl Mud Run
When-Sunday, May 5,2013
Where-Scranton, PA
Sponsored by Fresh Look on Life www.freshlookonlife.com (Tee’s for the team)

To Benefit-a portion of the proceeds to the National Breast Cancer Foundation




Saturday, Novemeber 3, 2012 until whenever?

In an effort to provide a source to donate to to those who would like to donate to others affected by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy Support Your Own is starting a movement today.

This is a movement to help provide some of the basic needs to those who still in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy do not have them met.

What can you do?
1) Clean your closets. Donate clothes you no longer wear to those with nothing.

2) Clean your pantry and donate unexpired nonperishable goods. (Toiletries are also needed.)

3) Set up shelters at locations of organizations you are affiliated with.

4) This is the peoples’ charity with all donations going to those in need. Do you have/see a need in your community that is different than those listed above? We are here to help you support your own by providing you a resource to help you to help others.

5) Are you a leader who is ready to make a change in your community? Become a “drop site” for those willing to donate.

6) As “drop locations” come in they will be posted. Until others join the movement and volunteer their locations we will do research to find other drop spots set up by the cities and towns in need and drive supplies directly to them.



Steamtown Marathon
When-Sunday, October 7, 2012
Where-Scranton, PA
To Benefit-a portion of the proceeds to the children and residents of St. Joseph’s Center

To suggest an event/cause in your area contact us!